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About pausing

Our bracelet provides a private, gentle vibration every 90 or 60 minutes, prompting you to pause from whatever you are doing and reframe your thoughts. There are endless ways to decide how you will use your pauses throughout the day.

Thoughtful and meaningful pauses can be anything; mindfulness of the present moment, prayer, reflecting on your purpose, being grateful, purging negative thoughts or performing a random act of kindness. At the end of the day, you will have experienced more joyful moments by pausing and giving real meaning to your day.  You can also synchronize your pause with someone else so that you both pause at the same time!     

We can never live in the past as if it were our true home…. And it is a good thing that God draws this veil over the past even without our asking. In so doing, He allows us to live today for tomorrow with just the few memories we need of what was.-Karl Barth