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The power of the pause kept me on track of my ultimate goal!

I am a very happy and successful member of Weight Watchers. I was on a journey to lose 80 lbs....and I am thrilled to report that I lost those 80 lbs. It was only with the help of my pause bracelet that I was able to achieve my goal!

My journey began with joining Weight Watchers and quickly losing 50 lbs. However, six months into the program, I hit a plateau that caused me to slide. No matter what I did, I could not lose the additional weight and my previous 50 lb loss started to suffer. I was tired and scared - I could not focus on what it took day to day to stay on track. Each day I would set out with good intentions and then by 5:00, I would realize that I did not stay on my eating plan. I lost my focus and I lost my motivation. Every day turned into a depression and I could not continue on my healthy path to reach my goal weight.

Then, as if summoned out of my own desperation a friend told me about her new pause bracelet. She bought the bracelet to help her stay calm and focused during a very stressful time in her life. She said that whenever her pause alerted her, she would stop what she was doing, take several deep breaths, assess the progress of her day and refocus her thinking so that she was in a positive mindset. She told me this bracelet changed her life.

As she was telling me about this bracelet, I began to think about how I could use this to help me get focused. What I needed was a deliberate and constant reminder to stay on track. This could also help me to do a hunger check and stay in front of extreme hunger to prevent binging.

I had no idea that this simple bracelet would do so much for me! Not only did I lose that extra 30 lbs., I was able to use the Pause bracelet for so many other areas in my life that needed focus and attention.

I am so thankful for my pause bracelet! I have added my Weight Watcher goal charms to it and now I have a custom bracelet with a reminder that I can do anything I put my mind to! I just need that little tug of a reminder every 90 minutes. It’s so powerful!

Julie C. - Wichita Kansas

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