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Mothers of Teens Prayer Group

I am a mother of 3 teenagers. I live in an area of town that is generally middle class, but not too far away from our home and high-school is an area that has a lot of drug dealers and gang activity.

Several of the mothers that have teens in the same school, attend the same church that I do. We decided that we needed more support than just church on Sundays, so we decided to start a weekly “Mothers Prayer Group” in my home.

We gathered on Wednesday nights to discuss any recent dangerous activity, the health of our children and any issues that we feel need some deep focus. We would pray and read scripture for two hours. Word soon got out that we were meeting and after only 3 meetings, my house was filled with 50+ women that wanted to participate! We out grew my home and now we have access to the church on Wednesdays.

The prayers were working! Our kids were making better choices and they were becoming more aware of what they do and who they interact with. We wanted to increase our prayer sessions, but everyone was so busy – adding another night to the schedule was next to impossible.

The receptionist of our church recommended that all the mothers in the group wear meaning to pause bracelets and sync them to go off at the same time. We didn’t know about these bracelets, but a few of us decided to try them. I am more than pleased to say that this was exactly what we needed! We didn’t need to meet another day; we just needed to unite in prayer every 90 minutes. Sometimes our prayers are 5 minutes, but many times they are 30 seconds. The point is to pray, not to put a time requirement on it.

Now even some of the teens are wearing the bracelets. They feel empowered by the results the mothers group had and they want to use the power of prayer for their own personal reasons.

I’m happy to report that our prayer group is over 100 moms strong now! We know what we need to do in prayer and we use the pause bracelets to get the job done!

Sandy C. – Palo Alto, California

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