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Critical Illness and Family Support

Hello, I am the grandmother of Nicholas, who was afflicted with Leukemia at the young age of 8. Nicholas has always been afraid of needles, doctors and anything that required even a small band-aid. It was perhaps the saddest thing I have ever experienced to know that he was going to be living in a hospital for several months after being diagnosed with a life threatening illness.

His biggest worry was that his parents and sisters could not be there with him in the hospital all day and night. He had to be in the company of strangers and in a strange place for the majority of the time.

As his grandmother, I felt so helpless. I live in Florida and Nicholas is in Nevada – we were just so far apart. I planned my visit when the family needed my help the most; the first few rounds of chemotherapy. I was able to stay for 2 weeks but the thought of leaving Nicholas was paralyzing. When he learned of my departure, he cried for hours.

I believe that through the grace of God, we were given the gift of meaning to pause. I was in the hospital cafeteria, and overheard a woman explaining how the bracelet works. Curious, I felt the need to ask for more detail. She explained that she and her husband were using it to repair their marriage because when the bracelet goes off at the same time, they reflect on the positive things about their marriage; and discard the negative.

I felt an overwhelming sense that our entire family could use this bracelet to comfort Nicholas and to offer support even when we were not by his bedside. Without even asking if they would participate, I bought 10 bracelets for the immediate family.

When I received the package, we all gathered with Nicholas and explained to him that every single one of us was going to wear magic bracelets that would all go off at the same time. We said “when your bracelet vibrates, ours will too and we’ll all be thinking of you sending you lots of love and hugs. At first he didn’t understand the concept, so we synced the bracelets and just waited.

Ninety minutes later, all the bracelets went off and the smile on his face is something I will never forget! When he realized that we were all tied together he could not control his excitement. He felt this was the “coolest” thing he had ever seen. He asked me if it would still work when I was in Florida and I was able to tell him that it would work no matter where I was. I could tell he was relieved to know his Nana was still going to be with him.

The Doctors say that the bracelet had a lot to do with his swift recovery. They tell us that he was the happiest sick kid on that floor. Every time that bracelet went off, he would have to talk about it to everyone. He was so happy that the entire family was with him in thought.

Nicholas is doing well and we still use the bracelets as a family. They helped us get through one of the most difficult things we will ever experience. I am forever indebted to meaning to pause.

Lois V. – Merritt Island, Florida

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