...helping people to create meaningful moments in their busy day...

Our Mission is to help people create more meaningful moments throughout their busy day...

Our Vision is for others to experience the ripple effect each pause creates…within ourselves, our families, our community and our world...

Have you been meaning to pause?

Today we move too fast – we are all so very busy trying to get it all done. Try as we might we may not be consciously in control of our thoughts. Our heads are filled with lists, errands, work, family and the chaos of everyday life…

Our intentions are good, we want to add gratitude, awareness and meaningful moments to our days…but time slips away – the evening comes and most of us have not fully lived in the present moment or reflected on our greater purpose.

The experts have told us that pausing several times during the day to reframe our thoughts will truly allow us to live our best life. The challenge is that we don’t know HOW to do this. How can we remember to remember?

If your goal is to achieve greater mindfulness throughout each day, our  bracelet is a wonderful tool to help you reframe your thoughts and enhance your resolve.  meaning to pause® bracelets provide a gentle vibration every 60 or 90 minutes prompting you to redirect your thoughts and focus on what is important to you.

"I feel the Meaning to Pause bracelet has been a true inspiration of awareness in my life. Thank you for creating such a powerful tool that benefits not only myself but it ripples out to all mankind."
Namasté Patty Gorder

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"Meaning to Pause is set to create a revolution in consciousness. I personally wear a meaning to pause bracelet, and I notice a huge difference in the quality of my life and my relationships.  I highly recommend Meaning to Pause!  The main purpose of my show is to help highlight and promote people who are doing work that has the potential to transform the world, and I think that what you are doing can absolutely be that transformative."
Douglas Foresta - Motivational Speaker, Therapist and Radio Host

Beware the barrenness of a busy life –Socrates